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About Advocate Rajeev Surana & Associates

Advocate Rajeev Surana & Associates is a multi-faceted law firm with offices in Bapu Nagar, Jaipur Rajasthan. Advocate Rajeev Surana & Associates is committed to providing its client with effective, competent and professional service through a combination of personal attention, detail-oriented service and accountability. Clients should feel confident that their legal matters will be handled with utmost attention and skill. Advocate Rajeev Surana & Associates strives to provide Quality legal service in an expeditious manner. Advocate Rajeev & Associates values the professional relationship it maintains with its clients. We understand that the lawyer-client relationship is based on trust, respect and confidentiality. This lawyer-client relationship requires immediate attention to client concerns which is why advocates / attorneys from Advocate Rajeev Surana & Associates make it a to promptly return all telephone calls and emails, as well as updating clients on the progress of their matters.
Established in 1993 Advocate Rajeev Surana & Associates have established themselves within a short span of time in the field of consultancy services which includes Civil, Criminal , personal, property and matrimonial laws , banking and recovery disputes along with Constitutional law litigation and advising in India. Advocate Rajeev Surana & Associates started with the goal of delivering exceptional client. Service through innovative and customized legal solution. Also our firm believes in putting up a case strongly with a strategy and As a result, we believe that we are strongly positioned to understand and address the concerns and issue facing entities operating in India?s rapidly changing business and legal environment.